How to Clean a Waffle Iron

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How to Clean a Waffle Iron

A waffle iron is also called a waffle maker, and the place you put your waffle batter are known as the plates or grids—one on the top and one on the bottom usually in 4 square sections or in fun shapes such as hearts. Cartoon shapes for kids are fun encouraging them to eat waffles with fruit and berries on top.

waffle iron

Waffle irons can make French toast and hash browns.

French toast and hash browns

Never, ever, never use abrasives, scouring powder, steel wool, plastic scrubbers, SOS® and Brillo® soap pads, and knives.

Useful Tip

Nylon scrubbing padUse a nylon scrubbing pad to remove stubborn dried on batter bits, since it won’t scratch the waffle iron with more cleaning ability to scrub more effectively than with a cloth.

 How to Clean a Waffle Iron Without Non-Stick Plates

Plates that are made lacking a non-stick coating are easy to clean. The sides and bottom of the waffle maker might not be non-stick; they could be stainless-steel, aluminum, cast iron, or plastic.

Grease buildup on waffle irons can cause bacteria to grow and you don’t want to eat that in your next batch of waffles.

Without the cooking surface being non-stick, grids cleanup is fast an easy. Simply soak them in hot sudsy water and let soak for 15-minutes if there is burned on debris. Wash, rinse, and towel dry with no need to put into the dishwasher.

Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to clean your waffle iron to be sure it’s safe for the dishwasher.

Cast-iron waffle iron

An old-fashioned cast-iron waffle iron, shown below, as well as cast-aluminum stovetop and campfire waffle irons are available on There is no non-stick coating on these units and they clean up easily with a stiff brush and sudsy water. Be sure to rinse and towel dry or it will rust.

Campfire waffle irons

How to Clean a Waffle Iron with Removable Plates

  • Wait until the unit is cool and be sure it’s unplugged.
  • Remove the plates according to your instruction manual. Most have clips on the sides.
  • Wash in hot sudsy dish detergent in the sink, rinse, and towel dry.
  • If your instructions tell you the dishwasher is okay, be sure to remove crumbs and stuck on batter with a brush or soak for a few minutes in the sink.

How to Clean a Waffle Iron with Non-Removable Plates

Before you think about cleaning your waffle maker, allow it to cool and if it’s electric, unplug the cord from the wall receptacle and the unit.

We don’t see too many non-removable plates today, but you might have an older unit.

  • To remove the dry caked on batter and oil, brush off the old debris from the plates and sides with an old soft toothbrush.
  • The hard stuff will require water to remove. Take a clean cotton rag, small wash cloth or towel and soak it in hot water.
  • Fold it to fit into the corners of a square waffle iron and around the inside edges.
  • Close the waffler maker’s lid and leave it there about a half-hour.
  • Remove the towel and use the same brush or rubber scrapper to remove any residual crumbs.
  • Next wipe it clean with a dish rag soaked in sudsy hot water and detergent. Rinse, towel dry, and put away.

How to Clean a Waffle Iron’s Housing and Lid

The housing or body is what the plates sit in. This is the entire waffle maker.

Do not submerge the housing in water unless your instruction booklet tells you it’s okay. The reason is that not all waffle makers can have its electrical components wet. Water can ruin the electric ends and inside wiring where it will never work again and if you try to, you could get a shock.

  • Remove the plates and clean them as stated above.Sudsy ammonia
  • Using a damp cloth or sponge with dish detergent, clean the exterior housing and lid carefully.
  • If safe to put in the dishwasher, at least remove the stuck-on batter before you do so.
  • You can also use sudsy ammonia or vinegar in water to help remove hardened batter. Use a soft brush, rag, or sponge, to clean, then rinse and towel dry.

You won’t waste the ammonia; it’s great for all housecleaning tasks such as water faucets, bathroom tub tile, floor tile, but not hardwood floors; windows, stove tops, and all appliances.

How to Clean a Belgian Waffle Maker

Cleaning a Belgian waffle maker is the same as cleaning American ones shown above.

The only difference is that Belgian waffles are larger and thicker compared to American style waffles.

Belgian waffles are known for their extra-large and deep square pockets that you can fill with butter, jam, or maple syrup, while regular waffles are thinner and don’t often have the same yeasted batter. Belgian waffles use lighter batter for more fluffy waffles, while having deeper grid patterns in the plates.

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