How to Clean an Electric Griddle

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How to Clean an Electric Griddle

You can make pancakes, eggs, bacon, hamburgers, grilled cheese, paninis, and more on your home electric griddle.

Ham paninis

A griddle takes up very little space on your counter top.  They are compact and use less energy than your cook stove or oven.

Be sure to keep the griddle’s surface clean to avoid using your energy cleaning off the burned-on debris and grease.  It will last longer clean anyway.

Griddle Types

Today’s electric griddles are made better than ever before.  Just plug the cord into a wall outlet and adjust the heat you want with the griddle’s controls built into the control unit.

If you have a griddle built into the top of your stove surface, typically made of stainless-steel or chrome, it will be powered by the controls on your stove.  Jenn-Air® makes a gas or electric stove with a griddle either built into the top or a griddle you plug into the top surface.  I had this stove for years and loved it.

Panini electric grill

You might have a standalone griddle that you put on the top of your stove’s cooking burners and these are generally made of cast-iron or aluminum.

Another specific type of grill is the sandwich or affordable panini electric grill to make luscious pressed grilled sandwiches.

They typically have dual-sided heating plates that are flat or ridged and are cleaned the same way as an electric griddle.

  • Built-in Stove Top Griddles

Stove tops with griddles built in can be challenging to clean; therefore, I always clean mine after each use.

For a stainless-steel non-stick surface use:

  • Metal spatula (but not for non-stick surfaces)
  • Water
  • Sponge or paper towels
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent

Be sure the stove is turned off and the griddle is still hot.  Use the spatula flat to scrape off any food or debris left on the griddle.  Now add some warm water to the surface and dish detergent if particles are still stuck on.  Let this come to a boil to loosen any grease or food.  Turn the stove off and soak up the water and debris with the paper towels or a kitchen sponge.  Use the spatula to move the paper towels about.

Chrome griddleA chrome griddle will need:

With the griddle turned off and still hot, add hot water to the surface and scrape off the debris with a scraper.  Use dish detergent if necessary and soak up the residue with a dry cloth or sponge.  Let the griddle cool, rinse, and towel dry.

  • Electric Griddles

Electric griddlesElectric griddles, such as the Presto® Tilt ‘n Drain BigGriddle® electric griddle, is a great way to make cooking easy. Regular and proper care of your electric griddle will ensure your enjoyment of your electric griddle for many years to come.

Unplug your electric griddle and if the plate is removable, just wash it in soapy hot dish detergent. If your instruction manual states it’s safe for the dishwasher, then put it there to clean.  To wash by hand, do not use abrasives.  A sponge or cloth will work fine.  If you have built-up food and debris, let it soak in the sink and scrape it with a plastic or nylon scraper never using metal that will scratch it if it’s a non-stick surface.

If the plate is not removable, carefully use soap and water to clean it not getting water into the electrical parts such as the cord and connection to the griddle.  Once clean, rinse, and towel dry.

If the food particles are stubborn to get off, try using a 1/2 cup of distilled clear vinegar to a cup of warm water.  Apply with a sponge or cloth towel, rinse, and towel dry.  Wipe the sides down as well.

Non-electric griddle

Keeping your electric or non-electric griddle is not a difficult task.  When cleaned after each use, you’ll have a freshly cleaned griddle for your next batch of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon or any sandwich you can dream of.

Always read your User’s Manual that comes with your unit for tips and tricks to use and keep clean.

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